About David

I am a compulsive NPR listener and a new-found wanderlust. In May 2016 I graduated from the University of Rochester with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science. I recently returned from six weeks of travel in Southeast Asia, and in August I move to New York for a full-time job in consulting.

I started my career as a volunteer on local political campaigns in the suburbs of Washington, DC. In the years that followed, I’ve supported strategic communications recommendations for Fortune 500 companies, performed political and media research for a bipartisan political advocacy organization, and guided a $1.2 million budgeted organization as student body Vice President at the University of Rochester.

My mother likes to say that I was always moving as a child. In many ways, I still am – pursuing my passions, exploring world cultures, and searching for one more thing to improve. It is this passion for action, creation and refinement that I hope to bring to political operations, research organizations and strategic consultancies.

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